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Broker’s Fee and is it Worth It?


Broker's Fee and is it Worth It? Learn how real estate agents get paid in Houston. There is a misconception from the outside looking in that Real Estate agents get all the money from their deals which on a common house sell deal the agent receives 6%, that is not true, however. Agents are licensed salespersons who work under a broker. Agents cannot work on their own and they are restricted from being paid a commission directly by consumers, it is illegal.  Brokers, however, are able to work independently and/or hire real estate agents. All real estate commissions must be paid straight to a [...]

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Mental Toughness as a Realtor


Build Mental Toughness The Mental Toughness You Need as a Real Estate Agent In order to succeed you need constant optimisim, a great sense of competiveness, and grand need for achievement. The essential key to success in real estate is to continue your flow of prospects. Prospecting is a practice you must stay doing or you will fall behind from those other agents that are ore hungry than you and win your leads. The market is huge and fair so this wont nessesarly happen, it is just so you can have a sense of urgency. At [...]

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Review and Update on Lending Programs


Review and Update on Lending Programs Review and Update on Lending Programs with Residential Loan Mortgage Originator  Richard Alvarado Always review your options for the lending process with a loan originator. This post is a summary of the current need to know basics of a loan to buy a house. Information provided by Richard Alvarado from Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. We will cover the list of documents you need to get the Loan Approval started and go over traditional loans, non-traditional, and loan assistance programs. Each option is available depending on the loan scenario. [...]

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Why 80 percent of agents fail within their first year


Why Real Estate Agents Fail CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   October 23, 2018 Why do agents fail within their first year? Top Reasons why real estate agents fail Non-existent or delusional business plan of revenue. Most agents do not plan ahead on how their income flow is going to change and that's understandable. In order to be part of the 20% that do succeed, City Insight Houston guides agents on planning and implementing a legitimate business plan that can help agents achieve the numbers they want. Start small, scale up, and visualize with reason.  Lack [...]

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Grow your email list for real estate.


Grow your email list for real estate. CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   July 5, 2018 Are you still growing your email list? The Reality Lets face it, with all the new ways of communicating, growing your email list can fall by the wayside. So much time is focused on other platforms that you don't focus on growing your email list or you simply quit. Lets Fix That Grow your email by giving your expertise for free in exchange for their email. Like the saying goes, "the right time and right place" is also a [...]

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