North Post Oak Lofts

Nort Post Oak Lofts Houston Welcome home in a distinctive apartment community with everything you are looking for. Choose from our unique one or two bedroom plans where quality and comfort meet. Our interiors are beautifully appointed with tiled floors in kitchens and bathrooms, open kitchens for gourmets, dark stained shop windows, contemporary lighting, granite countertops, oversized garden tubs and bathrooms. Luxurious bathrooms with custom frame mirrors. Enjoy amenities such as our large fitness center with flat screens and iPod docking stations, our resort-style pool and spa, our outdoor lanai with free WIFI, our outdoor stainless barbecues, our room theater [...]

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It Pays To Sell Your Home In The Winter

The Data Shows It Pays To Sell Your Home In The Winter A trend that we commonly see in the real estate business is that you should avoid selling your Houston home in the winter. Typically, the winter time is the slow season for home sales. Usually, we tend to see homes priced lower than they would normally be in the winter season. However, recent data shows us now that is not the case! Let me explain. Understanding the data According to the Houston MLS HMLS, when we [...]

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Houston home sellers sell for 1 percent

Houston Home Sellers Sell for 1% Not Every Home Sale Is The Same Let's be honest, every home sale is different. For some homes, it seems like all it takes is the property to be listed and as soon as you list it you have an offer within the next day. Other times it takes every single piece of marketing campaign possible to get eyes on your home in order to get an offer. Also, unfortunately, sometimes the market is not on your side at the moment and you can't seem to get an offer for what [...]

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Broker’s Fee and is it Worth It?

Broker's Fee and is it Worth It? Learn how real estate agents get paid in Houston. There is a misconception from the outside looking in that Real Estate agents get all the money from their deals which on a common house sell deal the agent receives 6%, that is not true, however. Agents are licensed salespersons who work under a broker. Agents cannot work on their own and they are restricted from being paid a commission directly by consumers, it is illegal.  Brokers, however, are able to work independently and/or hire real estate agents. All real estate commissions must be paid straight to a [...]

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Jackson Hill Apartments

Jackson Hill Apartments Houston Contact us to get up to 2mos FREE Jackson Hill Apartments are located in the Heights/Washington area of Houston. Currently managed by the Finger Properties. 1 bedroom $1,605-2,220 /mo 665-1,087 sf 2 bedroom $2,285-2,920 /mo 1,135-1,405 sf 3 bedroom $3,200 /mo 1,555 sf Deposit: 500-650 Pet Policy: Cats:Yes Dogs:Yes Built: 2003 Prices & Specials change daily, contact me for availability Features: Minutes from Downtown and Washington corridor Video Monitored Entrance, WiFi in Common Areas Fitness Center w/ Free Weights TV Monitors on Cardio Resort Style Pool w/Stunning Views of Downtown Gourmet Kitchen w/Granite Counters Tile Backsplashes [...]

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Alexan 5151

ALEXAN 5151 Apartments Houston Contact us to get 2 Months FREE with a 12+ month lease Alexan 5151 is located in the Galleria/Uptown area of Houston. Currently managed by Greystar. 1 bedroom $1,445-2,965 /mo 578-1,292 sf 2 bedroom $2,425-3,240 /mo 1,211-1,741 sf 3 bedroom $4,145 /mo 1,629 sf (Hablamos Español) Deposit: 0+ Pet Policy: Cats:Yes Dogs:Yes Built: 2017 Location: Galleria/ Uptown Prices & Specials change daily, contact us for availability Features: Brand New Uptown Construction NOW OPEN Community Amenities: Elevators, Business center, Perimeter fence, Fitness center, Assigned parking, Electric Car Chargers, Bus stop, Free WiFi Areas, Door to door trash [...]

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Mental Toughness as a Realtor

Build Mental Toughness The Mental Toughness You Need as a Real Estate Agent In order to succeed you need constant optimisim, a great sense of competiveness, and grand need for achievement. The essential key to success in real estate is to continue your flow of prospects. Prospecting is a practice you must stay doing or you will fall behind from those other agents that are ore hungry than you and win your leads. The market is huge and fair so this wont nessesarly happen, it is just so you can have a sense of urgency. At [...]

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Review and Update on Lending Programs

Review and Update on Lending Programs Review and Update on Lending Programs with Residential Loan Mortgage Originator  Richard Alvarado Always review your options for the lending process with a loan originator. This post is a summary of the current need to know basics of a loan to buy a house. Information provided by Richard Alvarado from Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. We will cover the list of documents you need to get the Loan Approval started and go over traditional loans, non-traditional, and loan assistance programs. Each option is available depending on the loan scenario. [...]

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1711 Caroline Apartments Specials

1711 Caroline Apartments Specials **Up to 10 weeks free prorated with 15 month lease on selected units** Located in Downtown. Houston Luxury Apartments are the place to be because of all the activities and life style it can offer you. Currently managed by Greystar Company, and Manager Christine Doggette 1711 Caroline Apartments Features: Contemporary, convenient & lavish lifestyle Sky View lounge-gourmet kitchen & grand piano Rooftop terrace and Clubhouse with lounge Fitness center, business center, pool and cabanas Private entrance with 24-hour security Valet parking, including bicycle valet Expansive plans with floor-to-ceiling windows Fine-dining and casual-dining on site Wine cooler [...]

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Part Time Real Estate Agent And How To Succeed

Can you be a part time real estate agent and be successful? One big misconception is that you can't be a part time real estate agent and as a result yield the same results as a full time agent. First of all reality is that a person can be more dollar productive in 4 hours then a person working 8 hours having to deal with everything that comes with being a real estate agent. On the contrary being a part time real estate agent can be very lucrative if navigated correctly for the reason that you can get the same [...]

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