can I afford an apartment

//can I afford an apartment

can I afford an apartment

CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   Nov 6, 2017

After countless of trips to different properties a person can get tired of running into the same issue at every property they go to visit. Especially in Houston we have so many options and with most working the same hours as the office some times it seems impossible for anyone to get free time these days. Some questions I get is can I afford an apartment or how much can I afford.

A good rule of thumb is to at least make 3x rent a month in income before taxes.  Most properties make this a requirement or 2.5x rent even if it is its always a good rule to keep in mind.

IF it looks expensive

Then it might be. going to a pricey area around town doesn’t necessary mean you can’t afford it if you are looking within a budget or if you are not trying to spend a lot on rent but still want to live near the city. For every fancy apartment there is a lower level tier competitor in the area. If thats the route you are taking here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • Price Range within 3X rent

  • Deal Breakers

  • Commute

Save time by knowing what you absolutely do not want. Is washer and dryer a must have? granite counter tops? Stainless steel appliances? anything make a list and cut the places that don’t fit your apartment search criteria.

Precious time

Check your commute to and from work. the last thing you want is to spend 2 hours to work and two hours back. witch brings in another factor to your search. So if time = money in order to afford a specific apartment you must take that time into consideration. are you driving through traffic or against traffic. Traffic in Houston it seems that there is never ending traffic, traffic driving in to the city in the morning and driving outside the city in the late afternoon.

Planning your search to put you in the right place at the right time takes a lot of patients and planning. A pro tip to put you under that 3x rent mark is to rent late fall early winter since those are the slow seasons rents tend to drop to keep up occupancy or amazing specials.

We do all this and more at City Insight Houston apartment locating division goes that extra mile to make sure you are getting the best tailored search for your situation.

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