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Part Time Real Estate Agent And How To Succeed


Can you be a part time real estate agent and be successful? One big misconception is that you can't be a part time real estate agent and as a result yield the same results as a full time agent. First of all reality is that a person can be more dollar productive in 4 hours then a person working 8 hours having to deal with everything that comes with being a real estate agent. On the contrary being a part time real estate agent can be very lucrative if navigated correctly for the reason that you can get the same [...]

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Real Estate Prospecting: 5 Tips To Get You Out Of A Rut


Real Estate Prospecting: 5 Tips To Get You Out Of A Rut You Are Not Alone A high percentage of agents fall into ruts due to back to back failed real estate prospecting strategies and depend on their broker to help them get out of that hole. So it is easy to quit and just say, "oh well it didn't work." Rather with just a little bit of highly focus time and a little bit of strategy, you can be on your way to turning all that around. While working alongside other agents in our office, we [...]

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CRM Best Practice 101 CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   July 23, 2019 Hubspot is a Customer Manager Relationship tool (CRM) that we use for our office. It is crucial that you use Hubspot to add all your clients, prospects, and all your relationships. There is a way to categorize it all and will serve you as a organization/reminder tool, and where you will upload all your contracts for you to get paid. That is why it is important to use Hubspot. This video gives you the directions on how to add your contacts and [...]

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With A VA Client


3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With VA Clients CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   May 20, 2019 A VA loan is a type of mortgage loan guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs, or the VA. The program is for American veterans, military members currently serving in the U.S. military, reservists and select surviving spouses (as long as they do not remarry) and can be used to purchase homes, condominiums, apartments, manufactured homes and new construction. The VA does not originate loans, but sets the rules for who qualifies, issues guidelines and requirements regarding [...]

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5 Habits Every Real Estate Agent Should Have


5 Habits Every Real Estate Agent Should Have CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   May 10, 2019 Being a successful real estate agent doesn't come easy. However, here are these 5 habits every real estate agent should have to be successful. 1. Actively Prospecting Prospecting means searching for new business. There is a difference between prospecting and actively prospecting. Successful real estate agents know that you have to constantly be top of mind whether it's through social media, instagram, posting on facebook, at your grocery store or dining at a restaurant. Therefor in order to be [...]

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How to Answer The Question, “How is the Market?”


How to Answer The Question, "How is the Market?" CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   May 1, 2019 How To Answer, “How Is The Market?” When a home buyer or seller is looking to get started on the process of selling or buying a house, they are going to have lots of questions that you'll need to be prepared to answer. One question you're guaranteed to hear is, "how is the market?" As a real estate agent, do you give a definitive “it is the best time to buy/sell!" or “right now is not the time [...]

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Preparing your home to sell


Preparing To Sell Your Home CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   April 03, 2019 There is more to selling your home than putting up a "For Sale" sign and waiting for the offers to start rolling in. 1. Get Cleaning You need to make a good first impression in order to be able to sell your home. Dirt and eyesores can and will distract buyers and prevent them from appreciating the best features of the home. It could also easily give the impression that bigger maintenance issues have not been taken care of and your [...]

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Why 80 percent of agents fail within their first year


Why Real Estate Agents Fail CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   October 23, 2018 Why do agents fail within their first year? Top Reasons why real estate agents fail Non-existent or delusional business plan of revenue. Most agents do not plan ahead on how their income flow is going to change and that's understandable. In order to be part of the 20% that do succeed, City Insight Houston guides agents on planning and implementing a legitimate business plan that can help agents achieve the numbers they want. Start small, scale up, and visualize with reason.  Lack [...]

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Lending 101


Lending 101 CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   NOV 26, 2018 A loan application is like a puzzle.  You must have all pieces to receive “Loan Approval.” Why pre-qualify? Identify the sales price range Make sure buyer is comfortable with financing numbers and terms (monthly payment, down payment etc.) Don’t waste your time & gas! Make sure you are working with a qualified buyer! Pre-Qualification A pre-qualification is not an “Approval” – it is stating that based on a credit review and the borrowers stated income and assets  they qualify within the acceptable guidelines for a [...]

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Shipping Container Homes


Shipping Container Homes CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   Dec 20, 2017 In my vast web search about buying a house and all the different home styles available, I came across shipping container homes and realized I knew nothing about this growing trend. I decided to do some research and find out more about this home style and if it would be a right fit for me. The first pro and probably one of the most important pro is that it is eco-friendly. Shipping containers can be repurposed and turned into homes. Reusing a shipping container upcycles approximately 3500kg of [...]

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