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CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   Dec 20, 2017

In my vast web search about buying a house and all the different home styles available, I came across shipping container homes and realized I knew nothing about this growing trend. I decided to do some research and find out more about this home style and if it would be a right fit for me. The first pro and probably one of the most important pro is that it is eco-friendly. Shipping containers can be repurposed and turned into homes. Reusing a shipping container upcycles approximately 3500kg of steel and about 8000kWh that would’ve been needed to melt it down. This also prevents otherwise using bricks or cement. Shipping containers can also be built fairly quickly. A home using brick or cement typically takes 4-6 months whereas a shipping container home takes roughly 2-3 weeks. They can be built off site and delivered to your land ready to be moved into.

Another huge benefit to shipping containers is the fact that they are extremely safe. Containers require either dynamite or a blowtorch to break into. They are virtually indestructible. since they are used for heavy duty storage, they can withstand extreme climates such as hurricanes and earthquakes making them the perfect homes for natural disaster prone areas.

I did find some cons in my exploration. Shipping containers are essentially big steel boxes that absorb and transmit heat. You may find it difficult to control the temperature inside the home. Although this is not ideal, it can be solved by getting an AC unit, insulation, and using the right kind of paint. You have to be absolutely sure you are hiring the right contractor. Containers were not intially intended for humans to live in. They can sometimes be made from elements like chromate, phosphorous, arsenic, chromium, and lead based paints. Making sure your contracter is dealing with these hazards correctly is paramount. In conclusion, shipping container homes can be excellent for safety, be ready to move into quickly, and endure extreme weather. These eco-friendly homes can be modified to fit your design and style. You do need to make certain your contractor is taking all the safety precations to remove the hazardous chemicals from the containers to be live-in ready. Whether or not a shipping container home is right for you, it definitely has wonderful benefits.

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