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Extremely low mortgage interest rates


Extremely low mortgage interest rates Extremely Low Mortgage Interest Rates – What Does it Mean for You?   Mortgage interest rates go up and down weekly, if not daily, but one thing is for sure during the COVID-19 pandemic, low interest rates are available. What does this mean for you? It puts homebuyers in a great spot. There’s no better time than now to take advantage of the low rates. You won’t find yourself in a situation like current homeowners with higher rates are in – needing to refinance. You’ll already have the lowest rates around. How [...]

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It Pays To Sell Your Home In The Winter


The Data Shows It Pays To Sell Your Home In The Winter A trend that we commonly see in the real estate business is that you should avoid selling your Houston home in the winter. Typically, the winter time is the slow season for home sales. Usually, we tend to see homes priced lower than they would normally be in the winter season. However, recent data shows us now that is not the case! Let me explain. Understanding the data According to the Houston MLS HMLS, when we [...]

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