Can you be a part time real estate agent and be successful?

One big misconception is that you can’t be a part time real estate agent and as a result yield the same results as a full time agent.

First of all reality is that a person can be more dollar productive in 4 hours then a person working 8 hours having to deal with everything that comes with being a real estate agent. On the contrary being a part time real estate agent can be very lucrative if navigated correctly for the reason that you can get the same results in as a full time agent by hyper focusing.

In this short video we explain what it takes, good information to keep in mind if you are looking to be a part time real estate agent.

How you spend your time is very important.

You begin by looking at the numbers. We can see that by only getting one transaction a month it would be equivalent to the average full time real estate agent. So it’s clear you can be a successful part time real estate agent certainly by only getting one transaction a month.

  • Value your time – most full time real estate agents spend their time doing none dollar productive activities so know how to spend your time.

  • Focus on strategy – always audit what you are doing and improve for the reason that you can always update something

  • Never stop learning – technology is always advancing so try to stay caught up on current trends.

  • Experience is overvalued – sometimes being experienced does not translate to being efficient therefore do everything you can to give gratification.

  • Be courageous – even more experiment.

So how can you be a real estate agent part time? here is some key points.

Find a solution on how to work and produce the same results you are doing now efficiently therefore producing full-time activities while only working part time is gonna solely rely on you choosing the right brokerage. That is going to support you, train you and above all show you ways that you can perform multiple tasks faster more accurate. Freeing up some time therefore you can just focus on dollar productive activities. the common practices of yesterday are not the common practices of today so how people used to answer to cold emails, cold calls and door-knocking it’s not the same for the people today. Not saying those tactics don’t work but its hard work hence we live in a time with so many tools in our reach for us to be able to perform at a full-time level.

Joining a brokerage that
helps you use those skills use those strategies and use those tools to help you work more efficiently is more growth driven then a one size fits all real estate lecture given to every agent and then say that agents can not be part time real estate agent.

“… 95% of buyers use the internet, and 51% buy homes that they have found using the internet” – Andrew Arnold, Forbes Contributor

Office fees for part time real estate agent

Joining a real estate office usually are associated with a commission split, monthly fees and some even have some hidden fees therefore it’s important when making the choice on where to hang your license take into consideration that you shouldn’t give up a high commision and high monthly fees. When the solution they offer for both full time agents and part time real estate agents are the same. Find an office that provides more value to you than the office itself so you can grow. Because at the end of the day You are in business so you need a tailored plan for you the individual.

Hope this answers how to be a successful part time real estate agent and leads to more business.

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