Preparing To Sell Your Home

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CITY INSIGHT HOUSTON   •   April 03, 2019

There is more to selling your home than putting up a “For Sale” sign and waiting for the offers to start rolling in.

1. Get Cleaning

You need to make a good first impression in order to be able to sell your home. Dirt and eyesores can and will distract buyers and prevent them from appreciating the best features of the home. It could also easily give the impression that bigger maintenance issues have not been taken care of and your upkeep is lacking. Rule number one is a clean house.

2. Get Your Home Evaluated

Get a home inspector to come to your house and carry out a home evaluation of the major structural components and systems. The inspector will then report back on anything that seems urgent or would be a red flag to a potential home buyer. This can help you prioritize what needs to be fixed to help sell your home. For a competitive market analysis see City Insight Houston Seller

Fix It Up

Go through the entire house and do an evaluation of your own. Fix any minor repairs that need to be taken care of to make a difference to the potential buyer. You may even want to add updates such as hardwood floors or stainless steel kitchen appliances to get the buyer to fall in love with your home. Not only will this give you a competitive edge, you may also be able to tag that onto the listing price of the home as well. Ask you Real Estate Agent for a market value of the area to get a better idea of how much to list the home for.

Home Valuation

Find Out What It Is Worth

The challenge comes in when determining what someone would be willing to pay for your home. Accurate pricing allows for the home to sell in a timely manner. The features will also determine the price range such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as the availability of amenities. Check out homes that have sold in the same area recently and compare prices. Ask a Real Estate Agent to help you with an appraisal. A Real Estate Agent will also have tools to help get your home sold in a timely manner.

Stage It To Sell It

Arrange furniture, decorate and organize to make the home appealing. Next, start working on the marketing of your home. Take good pictures of the home to be used on multiple online online. Create a listing description that highlights the best features of the home that buyers are looking for. In the event that someone were to look up “Houston homes for sale,” your home should come up easily showing the features available and the scheduled timings for viewing.

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